Thursday, 12 April 2012

A Short Discussion on The Third Position and how to sell it to the Left

When asked about my political leanings, I used to describe myself as a White Nationalist. This naturally created several problems right off the bat, and one in particular; moderates (and practically everybody) make an immediate mental connection between white nationalism and white supremacism, racism, nazi, sixmillionjews and so forth. 

So recently, I have been describing myself as a third positionist. Of course, few people really have any idea what third positionism is, and I find that describing yourself as a third positionist and then carefully tailoring your case to each individual you speak with carries a far greater amount of engagement and often allows them to awaken on their own. 

-The first perceivable benefit of third positionism is that it is, in some conceivable way, a moderate position half-way between left and right. In my definition of left and right, I would characterize the left as your typical college student (big government, welfare, full equality, gay rights, abortion, multiculturalism but also pro-environment, anti-imperialism, anti-american, pro-palestinian, and anti-capitalist). The right I would characterize as your typical flag-waving Sarah Palin-style neo-con (anti-gay, anti-abortion, pro-military, psudo-patriotic flag-waving war-for-oil imperialist yet pro-jew, pro-multicult, pro-big government, pro-equality etc)

As you may have already noticed from my caricature of the stereotypical left and right, Third Positionism occupies a middle ground between the two on many issues, AND enjoys a favourable position for supporters of either side on key issues (For example, Third Positionists are pro-environment and anti-war (the left is happy) yet they are anti-immigration and support traditional values (the right is happy). I will go into this in more detail. 


Third Positionists believe in the primacy of natural law. We believe that mankind has evolved according to the laws of nature and, like all other lifeforms has evolved and adapted to their environment. And, like all other lifeforms, mankind must reach a state of equilibrium with their environment (so far, the liberal is nodding). In this respect, we support environmental protection, the development of alternative energy sources etc (the liberal is happy here, this all sounds good so far). Likewise, we believe that ALL LIFEFORMS ARE SPECIALLY ADAPTED TO THEIR OWN ECOSYSTEM (the main case for racial separation). It is unthinkable that Americans or Europeans would go to the Amazon and IMPOSE A LIFESTYLE UNSUITED TO THE NATURE OF THE AMAZONIANS. Likewise, it is unthinkable that Chinese or Indians would go to Africa and IMPOSE A LIFESTYLE UNSUITED TO THE NATURE OF AFRICANS. And in this grain, Third-positionism is necessarily


Third Positionists believe that every ethnic group and race of people has the human right to independence, freedom and the dignity and RIGHT TO EXIST AS A PEOPLE, A RACE, OR AN ETHNIC GROUP. In this respect, we completely reject what could be called the neo-colonial agenda of the United States in pursuing wars for oil in Iraq and Libya. We are also completely against the military intervention of the United States in Afghanistan or their support of pro-American juntas in Latin America to open up markets for exploitation by American capitalism (the leftist is getting hard now). We are against the exploitation of people in the name of profit such as the manner in which migrant workers are enslaved in minimum-wage jobs in America or Europe. In this respect, the Third-Postion is necessarily 


As I have said, Third-Postionists believe that EVERY ETHNIC GROUP AND RACIAL GROUP has the RIGHT TO LIVE FREE OF COLONIZATION AND EXPLOITATION. The expansion of American-run Maquadoras in Mexico, the expansion of the drug war in Latin America, the privatization of water companies in Bolivia (etc etc) are but countless examples of the way in which LIBERAL GLOBALISM HAS DETERIORATED BORDERS FOR THE RAMPANT EXPANSION OF EXPLOITATIVE CAPITALISM. (we are sounding very leftist here, aren't we?) Therefore...

and getting to the point here...

The expansion of exploitative capitalism is made possible by the complete disregard of independent nations and borders and ANY WAY OF DETERIORATING THE INDIGENOUS CULTURE, ETHNICITY AND RACE OF LOCAL PEOPLES IS BENEFICIAL TO GLOBAL CAPITALIST ELITES. 

As a result, Global Capitalists want to completely corrupt and mix-up the indigenous peoples of Africa, the indigenous peoples of Asia, the indigenous peoples of Latin America (through massive commercialization, pornography, television commercials, sitcoms, McDonalds and McFood etc). The eventually goal of the globalists is A SEETHING MIXED HOMOGENOUS BROWN MASS OF HUMANITY THAT IS EASILY EXPLOITABLE FOR CAPITALIST GAIN...and, THE GLOBALISTS HAVE ALREADY STARTED THIS WITH THE INDIGENOUS PEOPLES OF EUROPE. (we are establishing here that Europeans are as indigenous as Maoris etc)

You see, THE MOST POWERFUL, THE MOST SUCCESSFUL GROUP ARE WHITE ETHNIC EUROPEANS. For the globalists to succeed in their plan of creating this seething brown mass of humanity they can exploit, they must first remove any loyalty to culture, religion, race, ethnicity, language first. Only once they have done this, can they impose an exploitative system without united opposition. WHITE EUROPEANS, who, by and large, possess a large amount of power, NEED TO BE COMPLETELY WIPED OUT, in order for this plan to succeed. Of course, this is genocide, and it is being carried out by elites under the guise of multiculturalism and diversity. 

Asia for the Asians, Africa for the Africans, WHITE COUNTRIES FOR EVERYBODY. They wipe us out, and then they control everybody else (and leftists know its true, with no white people around Africa and Asia will fall quickly) This is why liberal globalists vigorously pursue multiculturalism and diversity ONLY IN WHITE COUNTRIES. This is why people are punished for so-called hate crimes ONLY IN WHITE COUNTRIES. This is why massive amounts of tax dollars are spent on free healthcare, free education, free housing, language training, citizenship programmes, voting rights on non-Europeans ONLY IN WHITE COUNTRIES. ONCE THE GLOBALISTS WIPE OUT WHITE PEOPLE, THEY TAKE CONTROL. The globalists know they can control Africans, Asians and Latin Americans. They know they can't control whites. They know that WHITE PEOPLE WILL STEP IN WHEN OTHER RACES (like the Jews) ARE BEING MURDERED. They know that whites are powerful (and a little crazy (we're the crazy rabbits!)) They must eliminate us first. 

And therefore, 

We believe in the need for every people, every race, every culture to have the right to self-determination in their own territory. This includes an ethnic territory for white Europeans to have self-determination for themselves and a future for their children. The freedom for white ethnic self-determination is therefore the freedom of all races and peoples for self-determination. And we must therefore fight the globalists who want to exterminate and genocide each individual race, culture and ethnicity that makes us so unique and diverse.


  1. Stephen,

    Before you make more posts, you should consider doing it on wordpress because wordpress has become a sort of social networking function for intelligent racial advocate discussions. We all subscribe to each others blogs, and even people who don't have blogs get a wordpress account so they can subscribe to our blogs.

    I am at and you can see all the blogs I link at the right. I have been trying to link yours but I haven't seen it shown up yet. I know, I've been promoting wordpress and for some reason it's not linking your blog, but it's still good.

    Great interview with Robert Stark! You are doing good work! Hope you'll join our wordpress blogosphere.

  2. Great stuff. Will use...often.

    Make it moral...because IT IS. It is life or death for everyone.

  3. Excellent article my friend. Well said.

    I guess I'm a 3rd positionist as well. I'm opposed to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. I want the USA to be out of all countries, period. We have no business policing the world.

    We do not have the right to tell other countries what to do. Unfortunately many of our European brothers and sisters as well as Canadians lump we whites into the same bandwidth as the psychos at the top (government, military and corporations).

    No American country should offshore their corporations and exploit people of color for cheap wages. Corporations should hire Americans, first, last and always. IMO any American corporation who willingly goes into a foreign nation and kills American jobs should be tried for high treason.

    I have no problem with black pride or brown pride. Just don't give me a grief for white or European pride. A hate crime is a hate crime. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

  4. Great article!
    I'd just take out that part which says "it is unthinkable that Americans or Europeans would go to the Amazon and IMPOSE A LIFESTYLE UNSUITED TO THE NATURE OF THE AMAZONIANS", since it has already happened.

  5. I listened to you on the Stark Truth, and I laud your commitment and fearlessness, being that I'm an a similar college boat as you, though thankfully not in the humanities department. Your analogies to imperialism using the Polish plight as an example (and also western Ireland and Turk/Palestinian exploitation) moved me. The apathy of our peers and the polarization of modern politics sicken me.

  6. Good stuff. For what it's worth, my blog is on Blogspot, too. It's 3d Position, in this case described as "Libertarian Nationalist." Come visit: